Top 10 Adelaide Landscape Photography Beaches Part 1

Below I will list my favourite 10 beaches of Adelaide that are amazing to visit and photograph. I will start north and make my way south.

Semaphore Beach

We start north at Semaphore Beach; this location is a very popular one and is often busy with people enjoying the beautiful ocean. There are a large stretch of sand dunes and walking tracks located along the beach. The main attraction is the Semaphore Jetty and is a great subject for landscape photography. However, it’s challenging to capture an image without people entering the frame, I suggest going in winter. There are also photo opportunities along the beach, which I will show an example below that I captured.

Grange Beach

Next, we travel to Grange Beach, this beach is not quite as populated as Semaphore, but I see this is a good thing. Personally, it is my favourite jetty in Adelaide to photograph, the white fencing and movement of water makes this jetty stand out in my eyes.

Henley Beach

Like Semaphore, Henley Beach is an incredibly popular beach, but I can see why. The lights above Henley Square and the view overlooking the beach and jetty is incredible. Also, Henley offers great food nearby and a beach view from restaurants.

Brighton Beach

Unlike the three jetties I have mentioned so far, Brighton beaches Jetty is unique as it is quite a modern looking jetty. I personally prefer the old wooden look and texture but Brighton Jetty has some pretty cool looking lights at night.

Hallett Cove Beach

Hallett Cove is found about 30 minutes south of Adelaide and is part of a conservation park. There are great walking tracks around the sea cliffs and along Hallett Cove Beach. The Park once had a glacier slowly moving along it, this can be seen by remnant geological features within the park. The beach is mostly rocky unlike the sandy metropolitan beaches of Adelaide. These rocks make for great photography compositions, with the waves breaking and retreating through the rocks.

Next week I will continue south with my last 5 best beaches of Adelaide. Feel free to share or leave a comment below if you have any questions. Tell me below your favourite beaches of Adelaide.

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