Top 10 Adelaide Landscape Photography Beaches Part 2

Continuing from last week’s top 10 Adelaide landscape photography beaches, I will now detail the remaining 5. Keep in mind we are adventuring south of Adelaide and these beaches are great for a weekend adventure. I’d just like to mention the endless locations for South Australian landscape photographers and hobbyist photographers within the Adelaide area. I think a lot of us take it for granted living so close to the beautiful coast of South Australia. I’m planning a trip to Robe soon, so hopefully I’ll be showcasing some locations from there in the near future.

Port Willunga Beach

Port Willunga has a very iconic South Australian beach and has been photographed thousands of times. If you don’t know already, Port Willunga Beach is home to the remnant remains of a jetty. If you don’t get pure pleasure from photographing this jetty, then landscape photography isn’t for you. Each time this location has produced a different look and feeling, while the jetty remains the point of interest. I was there earlier this year, when the South Australia weather gods produced the orange of all sunsets. You would think that this amazing orange sunset would be in my portfolio, but in fact I hate it. What came before the explosion in the sky though was in fact one of my favourite images to date. While waiting for the sun to set, I was trying to capture the water rushing up the beach. At the time, I didn’t think much of the images I captured, until they were up on my computer screen. An over exposed wave covering the foreground caught my eye. I knew this was a unique image and would be very hard to recreate. I called it Beautiful Confusion, because to the average person it doesn’t look real but in my eyes, it was very artistic. There were about 50 photographers there that night and most of them weren’t taking photos until the sun had set, I’m glad I wasn’t one of them. I must say the sunset that night was breath taking, literally, not one person said a word, but instead were living in the moment and witnessing something truly beautiful. Behind every image there is a story and this is my story of Beautiful Confusion.

Port Noarlunga Estuary & Jetty

Port Noarlunga is a beautiful coastal town and has a very positive vibe about it. The main attraction would have to be the Port Noarlunga Jetty, which leads to a fantastic reef just off the coastline. During summer this is a very popular spot for snorkelling and diving. My personal favourite spot is the Port Noarlunga Estuary, just south of Noarlunga town. The estuary is home to fish spawning sites and a variety of birdlife. The estuary is a stunning clear blue from above, looking down from the red cliffs. I’m planning a panorama shot from the cliffs looking down at the estuary during a moody dark evening soon.

Moana Beach

Moana Beach is great for one thing, and that’s taking long exposures of the wooden poles that lead into the ocean. You can also drive on the northern side of Moana Beach if you like. A great shutter speed to capture motion of the water moving but still retain detail is about .5 of a second.

Maslin Beach

I love Maslin Beach, and not for the nudist beach if that’s what you were thinking. If you are feeling adventurous though, you can strip down to nothing at the southern end of the beach. The real reason I love Maslin Beach is the beautiful blue waves that roll in, they are best seen from the Southern cliffs of the beach. I’ll show you an example below.

Second Valley

About an hour out of Adelaide you will Find Second Valley, which is located amongst huge sea cliffs. There isn’t much of a beach at Second Valley, but instead beautiful rock formations. A walkway has been carved along one of the sea cliffs, and it kind of feels like Lord of The Rings. I personally haven’t visited this spot enough, but I plan on doing so soon. Second Valley has a tiny jetty which a lot of people fish off, but otherwise it also makes for a great photo.

Thanks for reading this everyone and I’m planning on capturing some video footage soon to add to these blog posts.



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